Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blogdigger Acquired by Odeo

I'm very happy to announce that Blogdigger has been acquired by Odeo. Over the last few months, I've been working with the folks at Odeo in incorporating Blogdigger's aggregation and search technology into Odeo's new beta site. Along with the acquisition, I've joined the new Odeo team as Vice President of Search and Engineering. Basically, I'm doing what I did here, only I don't have to pay bills. ;)

A little about the new Odeo: it's focused on much more than just audio podcasts; we've added video and are pulling content from a variety of sources, not just podcasts. I'm really excited about what we're building and the team we've got(which includes the folks from FireAnt and the Odeo guys) is really smart and great to work with. If you'd like to check out the new Odeo, head over to the site and signup for the beta (and ping me and I'll approve your invite).

An additional reason I'm really excited about Odeo: while Odeo started off as a west coast company, it now has a really strong east coast presence, the DC area in particular. I'm hoping that we can play a part in what I think is going to be a big year for the DC area in terms of growth in social media and consumer web ventures.

As for Blogdigger: don't worry, it's not going anywhere. Blogdigger will continue to operate as it always has, providing current, spam-free blog search results. You can still contact me with any questions, and we hope to be making some improvements to the Blogdigger services after we've got the new Odeo up and running.

I know it's getting a little crowded down there, but look for a new logo along side our spotted donkey on the home page in the next few hours!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Database Maintenance

As we mentioned before, Blogdigger's database has suffered a major hardware failure, and we need to take the database offline for some repairs. We're hoping this will cause only a minor interruption of service, but this is a somewhat complex operation. We estimate that the site should be back online by early next week, if all goes well. Thanks for your continued patience, and we hope to be back up and running soon!

UPDATE: The database rebuild process is going well; we've got the new database software installed and have begun reimporting the data. Some more recent data is already back up, so search results should show on the site. We hope to complete the restoration in the next 24-36 hours, then we'll restart our crawler to begin adding new content. Hopefully by Monday things will all be back to normal.

One note: there are some duplicate search results showing for some more recent blog posts; we are aware of this and will have this fixed as well by the end of the weekend.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogdigger Status Update

Hey y'all. I know it's been quiet here for a while, but that doesn't mean things aren't going on. I wanted to update you on Blogdigger's status, as we've had a bit of downtime lately. We experienced a drive failure on our main database server that has caused a bit of trouble. We're in the process of rebuilding it, and we expect that things should be back up online in a few hours.

Many folks have emailed me about groups not updating for a week or so; this is a separate issue, but one that we're working on as well. We're hoping that groups should begin updating again over the weekend, if all goes well. We apologize for th inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Stay tuned for more exciting news over the next week; we're hoping to put these hardware woes behind us and share some good news with you soon.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Get Blog Search on Your Site - Blogdigger Partner Feed

We're happy to announce the official launch of the Blogdigger Partner Feed program. By joining the Partner Feed program, you get access to an XML feed of blog search results from Blogdigger, to incorporate into your application, site or search engine. Bring the full power of Blogdigger's blog search engine integrated into your site.

Check out our page on the Blogdigger Parter Feed Program, and join the growing ranks of sites that are adding blog search and content. Sign up today!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Updates to Blogdigger Search Feed Subscriptions Format

One of Blogdigger's most useful features is the ability to subscribe to a feed for any search. Just do a search on Blogdigger for anything you are interested in, and look for the big organge feed icon over on the right; you can subscribe to a Blogdigger search in your favorite RSS or Atom aggregator, and when Blogdigger finds new blog or news items matching your search criteria, you'll automatically get it in your reader.

We've updated the format for the feed search results; as always, we provide an excerpt of the post, and a link back to the original site. We've added in additional information, such as tags, as well as a link back to the Blogdigger search results page (in case you check up us and see how we're doing). We hope this will make our feed subscriptions more useful to you in providing you with quick and easy access to more information.

If you'd like to use Blogdigger's search results in an application, or display them on your site, you'll need to get set up with a Blogdigger partner feed. All you have to do is contact us, and we'll make it simple for your to get our high-quality, spam-free blog search results incorporated into your site or app.

Monday, June 04, 2007

AltSearchEngines.com - A Blog for Alternative Search Engines

Charles Knight of Read/Write Web has been a constant advocate of the work done by alternative search engines, publishing his monthly list of the Top 100 alternative search engines and following news very closely. Now Charles and the Read/Write Web team have launched a new site, AltSearchEngines.com, a blog devoted to covering the ins and outs of the alternative search engine space. Check it out!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TECH Cocktail DC

Blogdigger is proud to be sponsoring tomorrow (May 17th) night's TECH Cocktail event in Washington, DC. The TECH Cocktail team has done an amazing job in getting together a really great group of people, I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone from the DC tech community.

I'll be there presenting Blogdigger, along with Michael Miller, who will be introducing something new (and very exciting) so make sure to come over and check it out. You can still register if you haven't yet, it's free, and there's a whole bunch of great people attending. See you tomorrow!